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Fancy Pants Cakes, LLC
Bennington, VT
(802) 379-8459

FLAVORS: Anatomy of a Cake
Step Two: Pick a Coat

Buttercream is an "oldie but goodie." Unlike the frosting on the to-go cakes that you can buy in the supermarket, the buttercream I create is made with real butter and granulated sugar. This meringue-based buttercream is not as sweet as the traditional confectioner sugar based American buttercream and has a wonderfully soft texture - people love it! It is possible to have a very smooth finish with buttercream, but there are certain situations in which I recommend that you don't use buttercream as the outermost layer: being outside in the summer (butter and heat don't mix) and some cake shapes/designs.

Fondant is what you've seen the experts on the TV cake shows use. Fondant is a flexible sugar paste that acts like clay and can be colored, rolled, and applied on a cake to give it a very smooth, porcelain-like finish. The look of fondant can be quite remarkable, and it does a great job with locking in the cake's moisture. If you choose to have a fondant-covered cake, I place buttercream underneath to satisfy people's desire for frosting. I also use a good tasting vanilla flavored fondant.

Depending on the complexity of the cake, I may use a combination of buttercream and fondant decorations. As part of your consultation, we will discuss the specifics of your cake design and where it will be placed during the event.

What about food allergies?
While a cake may not contain nuts, there are nuts in my kitchen and I can not guarantee a nut-free product.

In a similar vein, I can make cakes with
gluten-free flours, but since I use all purpose flour in my kitchen I can not guarantee that there won't be a little flour dust in the batter. I mention this because people have various tolerances to gluten. If you are very sensitive to gluten, I can not safely accommodate your needs. However, if you have cut gluten out of your diet for other reasons and are looking for a cake option that does not include all purpose flour, let's talk.

I can make
vegan cakes. Please inquire about other food restrictions.
Vanilla bean
Chocolate coconut
Chocolate orange
Step One: Pick a Cake and Filling
No cake mix here! I bake completely from scratch with quality ingredients. Unlike box mix cakes, Fancy Pants cakes are firm and moist with a lovely texture. I love to experiment with flavors, so if you are interested in something that isn't listed, just ask!
Red Velvet
Lemon almond

Tropical Carrot (with pineapple and coconut - VERY tasty!)
Cake flavors
Chocolate orange
White chocolate

Fruit preserves or jam
Lemon curd

Cream cheese frosting*:

*Note that cream cheese can only be used in celebration cakes that will be eaten promptly.

Vanilla bean
Chocolate orange
Mixed berry
Strawberry champagne
Cookies and cream
Peanut butter
Cookie butter
Brown butter
Salted caramel

Personal Favorite Combinations
Chocolate cake with chocolate orange ganache

Lemon cake with strawberry buttercream

Coconut cake with lime buttercream

Vanilla cake with nutella buttercream

Pumpkin cake with salted caramel buttercream